promoting accountable elections in Nigeria through youth participation in governance

The Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI) is implementing the YouthGovTracka project to promote accountability of elected officials in Nigeria and encourage youth participation in governance.

The project started in July 2023, with the goal to improve accountability of elected
officials by tracking campaign promises and performance on youth-inclusive policies. 

A cornerstone achievement is the launch of the YouthGovTracka platform in November 2023.

User Friendly

This YouthGovTracka website serves as a central hub for Nigerian
citizens seeking information on campaign promises made by state governors. 

Easy Access to Crucial Resources

  • Manifestos of all 36 elected governors
  • Detailed budget allocations
  • Data analytics tools for tracking progress on promises related to youth-inclusive policies

The YouthGovTracka platform


Youths in a townhall meeting
BBYDI identified and trained 36 Youth Focal Points (YFPs), one dedicated representative from each Nigerian state. These young leaders participated in a rigorous six-week training program. The curriculum focused on equipping them with the necessary skills in:
  • Advocacy
  • Data analysis
  • Civic engagement
The YFPs will play a vital role in monitoring the performance of governors and engaging citizens within their respective states.
Audience at YouthGovTracka

The Menu of Commitment outlines key priorities for youth inclusion in governance.
BBYDI actively promoted this document through several initiatives:
● Translation into local languages to ensure clear communication with diverse
● Production of radio jingles for increased public awareness.
● Integration into the YouthGovTracka platform for easy access and reference.

A youth corper in a townhall meeting

BBYDI developed the Office of the Citizen toolkit. This comprehensive
resource empowers citizens to effectively hold elected officials accountable. The
toolkit is available in both physical and virtual formats, catering to individuals with
varying levels of digital literacy. Most importantly, the toolkit has been translated into
major Nigerian languages to ensure accessibility for a wider audience.

Join us in our journey to strengthen democratic governance in Nigeria