The Federal Ministry of Health and NCDC has confirmed that Nigeria now has 5 new Coronavirus cases. It is reported that all 5 new cases were people who have just returned from the USA and the UK.

This news comes at a time when the Federal Government of Nigeria has just placed travel bans on 13 countries with these two countries included. This ban we believe should have come earlier than this as it would have prevented these new cases.

As the situation becomes more complex, we are urging everyone to take strict preventive measures as published by various media outlets and healthcare professionals. We commend the Kwara State government for its proactive measures to contain the virus by establishing the Infection Prevention Control centre with the primary objective of containing the situation, prevent an outbreak and provide affordable treatment for possible victims.

We recommend that the government initiate a technical committee comprising of traditional rulers, market men and women, religious leaders, government agencies, youth leaders and CSOs to monitor the activities of the centre and ensure that it does not renege from its primary objective. This committee will also assist the government in sensitizing citizens by carrying out awareness in markets and LGAs. The ministry of education should increase awareness in schools and state owned tertiary institutions.

The state border communities like Baruten should be under surveillance. Everyone coming into the state from other places should undergo a mandatory check.

We are in a very difficult situation and all hands must be on deck. We appreciate the efforts of the healthcare workers working 24/7 to contain the situation. Everyone should be informed about the dangers of the Coronavirus and ensure that all measures are taken to protect themselves.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of the virus, please do not hesitate to reach out medical professionals and self-isolate yourself.



Executive Director

Abideen Opeyemi OLASUPO


The Corona virus pandemic has prevented us from congregating in celebration of this auspicious day. Unlike years past, we are compelled to celebrate differently.

Despite that, we have many reasons to celebrate. The message of Easter stands true today, as it has always been, and it is a reminder of the sacrifices of our Lord to give us salvation.

On this day, we at Brain Builders International join everyone to celebrate this season of love. We wish you a happy celebration and pray that we all come through this pandemic alive and have every cause to give thanks to God.

Happy Easter Celebration.


Executive Director

Abideen Opeyemi OLASUPO


The glorious month of Ramadan comes with glad tidings. It is an opportunity to get close to Allah and seek for his blessings and mercy.

In this time of global crisis due to the Corona virus outbreak, the month of Ramadan is a good time to ask Allah to save us from this virus and heal our world.

We, at Brain Builders International, use this opportunity to welcome all Muslims to the month of Ramadan and ask that Allah answers all their prayers and protect us against the deadly virus.

We also pray for everyone working to ensure that this virus is defeated, may the almighty continue to protect and strengthen you. To the victims of the virus, we ask God to grant you healing. To those who have lost their lives to the virus, may their souls find peace. Ameen.


Ramadan Kareem.


Executive Director

Abideen Opeyemi OLASUPO

Brain Builders International Press Statement on the Resumption of Kwara State House of Assembly during the Pandemic Ravaging the World

 The world had no idea it would be standing on its toes months after a cluster of pneumonia cases from an unknown virus hit Wuhan, China. It was discovered through initial laboratory findings that the disease that would go on to see countries lockdown its borders and ports and shut down operationsas a result of the infectious disease caused by severe respiratory syndrome coronavirus. Covid-19 has since spread to about 196 countries and territories in every continent and one international conveyance across the globe. With the ongoing efforts by different countries and medical experts to curtail the spread of the infection which is almost entirely driven by human-to-human transmission, Covid-19 accounts for over 3 million confirmed cases with more than 973,000 recoveries and 228,000 deaths globally. 

Brain Builders International finds it necessary, and as such, recommends that the Kwara State House of Assembly resumes plenary sessions – like the National Assembly – after taking a short break, following the spread of the virus in the country. Itis expected that measures that keep individuals safe at this trying period would be complied withduring plenary. Such measures as well known,include social distancing, hand washing, use of face masks and hand sanitizers, among others.

The resumption of legislative functions in the state would go a long way in supporting the government’s effort to limit the spread of the infectionby deepening accountability and transparency and also protecting socioeconomic and political rights of its citizens. However, the resumption of legislative duties in the state should it happen, would be coming at a time when the number of Covid-19 cases is taking an upward spiral, with threats to life and economic stability. 11 cases have since been confirmed in Kwara with 2 recovery cases and no death case as ofMay 1st. 

In the hope that the state’s House of Assembly resumes legislative activities after the compulsory break, Brain Builders International recommends the following for a better legislative response to the pandemic currently ravaging the world, especially as it pertains to the State of Harmony.

  1. E-legislature: Considering that the Assembly had to take a compulsory breakthat crippled activities of the legislative house due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative that the House considers operating on platforms that would ensure members of the Assembly work remotely in the event of cases like Covid-19 that wouldlead to a abrupt suspension ofcommittee meetings, public hearings, among otherlegislative activities. The need to train legislators and other staff of the House of Assembly on a system that allows ease of working remotely cannot be overemphasised at a time like this, as it ensures time isn’t wasted with a high level of efficiency achieved.
  2. Legislative Scrutiny of Executive Actions on Covid-19: Itis important to appreciate the leadership of Kwara state for its promptness and alertness in taking decisive actions at a time like this, as it shows the extent at which the state government values its citizens. However, itisof need that the House mandates its committees to review all executive actions taken during the recess, especially as it concerns the distribution of palliatives to indigent Kwarans and other proactive measures of funding the management of the virus in the state. It would mean well and show transparency on the path of the legislature if critical stakeholders (Citizens, Civil Society Organisations, Media, and Non-profits, among others) are engaged too. After this is ensured, sharing the report of findings of the exercise will definitely go a long way in seeing that the citizens trust their representatives to take decisions in their interest. 
  3. Increased Budgetary Allocation for Health: As much as the weaknesses in the health infrastructures, facilities, and welfare of health workers in our country can be said to be a national issue, state governments also have crucial roles to play in strengthening the sector at state levels. The legislative power play in this regard would mean well for the masses, as the House can utiliseits power of appropriation in increasing the budgetary allocation to the health sector whileensuring legislative oversights are also put in place. 
  4. Passing the Freedom of Information Bill (FOI): The immediate past assembly worked assiduously on the Freedom of Information Bill butwas unableto get the immediate past Governor of the State to sign it into law. It is worthy of mention that information is a necessity in order to save our country andto helpher move towards economic and social transformation. The relevance of the bill is clear, it gives room for openness and transparency in government and also strengthens the democratic structure with the end results being creating values. This is why we are pleading with the current assembly to pass the bill, as we have information that the incumbent Governor has sent the bill to the current assembly. 

There isno better timethan this for the leadership of the Kwara State House of Assembly and its honourable members to show that indeed they arerepresenting the collectiveinterests of the masses. Thisperiod requires their responsiveness, transparency, and accountability in ensuring that lives are protected with necessary checks and balances in place. Brain Builders International reiterates its dedication to supporting the legislature as we hope to see it fasten its belt and stand to the fight against the novel disease through decisive legislative actions. 



Olasupo Abideen Opeyemi 

Executive Director

2020 would be remembered as the year the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world with unprecedented impact. Amidst this, the work of humanitarians across the globe will continue to live longer in our memories.
From aid workers to health-care responders to the military and millions of volunteers who worked tirelessly to cushion the effect of the pandemic and save many lives, we must celebrate them.
To mark the Humanitarian Day 2020, we at Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative recognize the role of humanitarians all over the world and celebrate their work. Without them, our world won’t be where it is today.
Blood donation saves lives, and of course, the good that donors do can’t be measured. We @BrainBuilders01 celebrate donors across the world with encouragement for the youths to do away with untrue myths about this noble course. Happy World Blood Donor Day! 
Today is another opportunity to raise awareness on the Sickle Cell Disorder as we mark the World Sickle Cell day 2020. The Sickle Cell Disorders are a group of illnesses which affect the red blood cells. It is a genetic condition which is passed on from parents to children. People with sickle cell can experience damage to organs such as the liver, kidney, lungs, heart etc. They are also at risk of acute chest syndrome, bone damage and priapism. 
In some cases, this disorder leads to death. Treatment for sickle cell focuses mostly on preventing and treating complications. For 41years, the Sickle Cell Society has been supporting individuals and families while also raising awareness on ways to prevent the disorder. 
On this day, we celebrate patients of Sickle Cell who have survived the disorder and throw our weight behind those who are still battling it. We also use this opportunity to demystify common misconceptions about the disorder such as it being contagious or that all patients experience pain crisis.
Across the globe, victims of conflict-related sexual violence continue to rise. In February 2018, 110 schoolgirls were abducted in north-east Nigeria by members of Boko Haram. These girls were subjected to forced marriage, rape, physical and emotional violence. 107 of these girls were later released on the 21st of March 2018. While the United Nation provided medical and psychosocial rehabilitation for the released girls, many cases go unreported and victims do not get adequate care.
Eliminating sexual violence in conflict and providing adequate support for survivors are some of the core reasons that formed the basis of the United Nations General Assembly’s decision to establish the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cut through regions affected by armed conflicts, this year’s theme focuses on the impact of the pandemic on the survivors of conflict-related sexual violence.
For a largely under-reported crime, the pandemic makes it more difficult for survivors to report violence. We must speak against these crimes and work towards matching our words with actions. As the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres noted, “We must stand in solidarity with survivors, listen to them and act on their experiences and decisions.”
One of the lessons we have learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of inclusivity. Our world has never been more connected; the actions of one man in a country has an impact on another in another country. Despite our global connectivity, the advancement of human rights and movements for just and fair societies, there are still many vulnerable people in the world.
Refugees, who fall into the category of vulnerable people, are people who have had to flee their homes and countries due to war, persecution because of race, religion, nationality, membership in particular social groups, etc. While refugees often go on to make immense contributions to their host country, many live in extremely vulnerable conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the condition of many refugees especially because 90% of the world’s refugees live in low and middle-income countries.
Despite these odds, many refugees have risen to the occasion during this pandemic by volunteering as health workers in countries like Colombia and the United Kingdom; sewing masks and protective gear in Iran; making soap for distribution in Lebanon and Niger; helping in the construction of isolation centres in Bangladesh; they are contributing their best in their host communities.
As we continue to push for more inclusive societies, we must commend refugees for their commitment and resilience during this trying time. We celebrate their courage and hope that this pandemic shapes the future for the better.
Happy International Refugee Day
Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult events a person can experience in life. For women who lose their partners, it is a bigger loss.
The United Nations estimates that there are about 258 million widows in the world with 1 out of ten living in extreme poverty. In societies where stereotypes against equal opportunities for women are profound, widows are hung out to dry.
On this day, as we celebrate the International Widows Day, we must reflect over the challenges that widows face and play crucial roles in addressing them. This year’s theme is ‘I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights’, and we must advance these rights for a better and sustainable future.
Happy International Widows Day.

The united nations established September 15 of every year as the International day of democracy to celebrate the struggles of democracy around the world. It is a day to highlight the relevance of governments and citizens towards democracy, appreciate their efforts and continuous obligation in ensuring peace and development. 

The theme for the “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF DEMOCRACY 2020” centers around “DEMOCRACY UNDER STRAIN: SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD”. The advent of Covid-19 crisis brought social and political strain on countries globally, putting the world at a critical state as causalities continue to rise. Emergency measures were scrupulously adopted to address the challenges birthed by the crisis. It is, however, pertinent on governments to embark on worthy schemes to right the adverse effects and to prepare the states for unpredicted catastrophe that may arise in the future. Conversely, governments are urged to uphold transparency and be answerable in their response towards covid-19 legalities and make certain responses are accessible and impartial. 

Brain Builders Youth Initiative Development, an NGO aimed at promoting youth development and good governance also joined in the course, to rectify the set-backs of covid-19, as a struggle of democracy through providing accurate information about safety measures to be embraced by the populace, urging the governments to ensure our health workers have access to security and handsome compensation for their efforts, educating youths to embark on skill acquisition while maximizing the use of digital tools, emphasizing the adoption of virtual learning methodology as a counter to school closure to minimize the spread and encouraging equality and an all-inclusive system. We celebrate democracy and we continue to support good governance and accountability to all.

The United Nations has designated July 15 as the WORLD YOUTH SKILLS DAY with the aim of invoking awareness on the importance and increasing relevance of skills development which cannot be overemphasized in the continual effort towards local and global growth.
Global and economic crisis that have arisen due to the ravaging covid-19, have rendered large percentage of individuals out of reliable employment and has thrown sole owners of businesses grasping for survival. There is increase rate in unemployment with a simultaneous setback on young people (learners), due to school closures including technical and vocational training institutions.
The Sustainable Developmental Goals also advocate for quality and inclusive learning through promoting relevant learning opportunities for all with focus on technical and vocational skills development. WORLD YOUTH SKILLS DAY provides the avenue for youths, technical and vocational training centers, government and private organizations to support and acknowledge the positive importance of skill acquisition. 
BRAIN BUILDERS YOUTH DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE  is an organization set up for the noble cause of promoting youth engagement, education, and general welfare. We therefore support the global organization and urge all stakeholders to contribute to equipping youth in relevant skill development, so as to combat unfolding crisis due to the pandemic Covid-19, and to prepare youth to tackle future global disruption. In addition, we urge young people to equip themselves with necessary soft skills to meet the demands of the increase inclination of the global economy towards digitalization.
“…Lumumba, Bolaji Abdullahi to speak on youth engagement, global sustainable development.” 
Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI), an international and leading youth-led non-profit, announced its annual International Youth Day (IYD20), which is its seventh edition, will be held on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.
The event is organized to celebrate the annual global day dedicated to youths from across the world. It also seeks to drive conversations and actions to catalyze change, inclusion, growth, and promotion for the youths.
The virtual summit will focus on youth capacity building and sustainable development with the core theme, “Youth Engagement for Global Action.”
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is scheduled to be conducted on Zoom, a video conferencing platform. The global summit by BBYDI aims to re-orientate the mindset of the youth towards the SDGs and the post-pandemic era.
200 delegates, carefully selected out of a large and competitive pool, will get to attend the event. They are from over 25 countries around the world. During the event, they will glean rich insights from the in-depth knowledge of the incredible line-up of national and international speakers, who are active actors in the youth development space.
African dignitaries like Prof. PLO Lumumba, Bolaji Abdullahi, Seun Onigbinde, Odeh Friday, Adebanke Ilori, and others are confirmed and set to speak at the virtual event.
“Our organization has been organizing the IYD for the past 6 years. And this year, it is even getting better. We deliver the best, and it is why we have carefully selected speakers across various continents to drive conversations geared towards taking solution-oriented actions,” said Olasupo Abideen, BBYDI’s Team Lead. 
“The IYD20 will bring together thought leaders, non-profit executives, and industry experts to share insights and broaden thinking around how youth potential and capacity can be engaged and harnessed to build a sustainable and inclusive economy.”
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