Space for Her

 Aiming to shatter glass ceilings and
empower aspiring female political leaders in Nigeria

Building the Accomplished Politician

Sharpening Political Savvy

Fellows delve into stakeholder engagement and management, resource mobilisation, and effective lobbying strategies.

Crafting Compelling Narratives

The program hones storytelling skills, allowing participants to connect with voters on an emotional level.

Leadership Development

"Space for Her" fosters strong leadership qualities, preparing fellows to navigate complex political landscapes..

Mastering Communication

Fellows gain expertise in political communication, ensuring their message resonates with the electorate

Campaign Strategy & Beyond

From crafting winning campaign strategies to navigating the intricacies of elections, the program equips participants for every stage of the political journey

The "Space for Her" project boasts a remarkable success rate. With a class size of 20 aspiring female politicians, the program has already produced a graduate who now holds a seat in the Kwara State House of Assembly – Miss Rukayat Shittu representing Owode-Onire constituency of Asa Local Government Area in KwaraState. This concrete achievement demonstrates the program's effectiveness in transforming women into powerful political forces.

ABOUT Space for Her

Brain Builders Break Barriers for Women in Politics with "Space for Her" Project

The Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI) launched the
groundbreaking “Space for Her” project in 2023, aiming to shatter glass ceilings and
empower aspiring female political leaders in Nigeria. This impactful program goes
beyond traditional training, offering a comprehensive 6-week curriculum designed to
equip participants with the skills and knowledge crucial for success in the political

Investing in the Future

By providing these comprehensive programs, BBYDI goes beyond training; we
cultivate a generation of empowered young women who are ready to break barriers
and drive positive change in Nigerian politics and society.
In addition to the programs mentioned, we also conduct outreach programs at
marketplaces, gyms, and other public spaces. These grassroots initiatives aim to educate women and promote civic and political engagement, ensuring their voices
are heard.