Audience in BBYDI climate change workshop

Our Community

Our Community is a dynamic network of dedicated change-makers who recognise the profound impact of their contributions to society and are committed to advancing the mission and vision of our organisation. These individuals possess a deep-rooted desire to drive socio-political progress and promote entrepreneurial advancement, finding an ideal platform to realise their aspirations within BBYDI.

Comprising passionate and driven young people, BBYDI’s Community embodies a collective determination to build a better world and improve lives. Their efforts are exemplified by their proactive use of innovative ideas to advocate for youth-centric policies, good governance, youth entrepreneurship, civil liberties, and the effective implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in local communities.

Within this network, we are fortunate to have local and international experts and advocates across diverse fields such as law, technology, science, and social development. Furthermore, our organisation benefits from the invaluable contributions of volunteers spanning various states, who actively participate in our project interventions and form an integral part of BBYDI’s collective impact.

Driven by a local approach, BBYDI’s community leverages community-based needs assessment strategies to identify pressing local issues and develop tailor-made solutions for sustainable impact. Our projects are designed to be community-owned, ensuring that empowered residents can sustain them.

To expand and diversify our community, we continuously seek partnerships with young individuals who possess innovative ideas and share our commitment to driving transformative change.