Championing Change in the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence

Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI) is at the forefront of the fight
against gender-based violence (GBV) in Northern Nigeria with focus on Kwara, Osun
and Niger states. We employ a multifaceted approach that tackles GBV through a
robust combination of projects, activities, measurable impacts, and ongoing

Amiddle aged woman reading a brochure on VAPP act

Impact and Achievements

BBYDI's dedication to tackling GBV has yielded significant results

Women reading cards on the VAPP act

Increased Legal Protections

Our relentless advocacy has led to the increased domestication of the VAPP Act across all target states. This legal framework provides crucial protection for victims of violence.

A woman with her baby on her back

Safe Spaces for Healing

The establishment of Sexual Assault Referral Centers (SARCs) in Kwara and Osun states creates safe spaces for survivors to receive medical and psychological support.

Women supporting campaigns against GBV

Breaking the Silence

Our awareness campaigns have demonstrably increased public understanding of GBV and the VAPP Act. This has translated into a measurable rise in reported GBV incidents, signifying a growing willingness among victims to seek help. By breaking the cycle of silence, we are empowering women and girls to come forward

Stronger Collaborative Network

The strength of our work lies in collaboration. We have built strong partnerships with civil society organisations, religious and traditional leaders, and law enforcement agencies. This collaborative network allows for wider reach, increased effectiveness, and a more unified front against GBV.

Looking Forward: Building on Our Success

Training Religious and Traditional Leaders

We plan to train more religious and traditional leaders as champions against GBV

Technology for Confidential Reporting

Recognizing the potential of technology, we are developing a platform for confidential GBV reporting in remote areas.

Empower Women and Girls

Empowerment programs focused on STEM training alongside traditional skills will equip girls for greater independence.

Security Training

We will work with security agencies, and local vigilantes to prioritise women and girls' safety.

We are committed to creating a future where women and girls can live free from violence and reach their full potential.

Through our comprehensive projects, impactful activities, and measurable
achievements, BBYDI is making significant strides in combating GBV in Nigeria.

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