EVIT launch


Election Violence Incidence Tracker

This is a pioneering project initiated by BBYDI to serve as a beacon of hope in the
pursuit of peaceful and transparent elections. EVIT is a robust platform where
registered members can share real-time reports of violence during elections,
ensuring accurate and timely information flow. By promptly disseminating these
crucial updates, EVIT aims to empower security agents with the knowledge they
need to contain potential conflicts and maintain public safety effectively. Through
data analysis, EVIT identifies and highlights election hotspots, enabling
implementation of proactive security measures. With EVIT, BBYDI endeavours to
foster an environment of peace, accountability, and evidence-based
decision-making during electoral processes

Police men pledging at EVITlaunch

Conflict Report

The scourge of conflict, exacerbated by ethnic and religious tensions,
unemployment, illiteracy, and poverty, has posed significant challenges to Nigeria.
BBYDI’s Conflict Report initiative responds to these pressing issues by providing a
vital channel for reporting incidents in real-time, thus contributing to conflict
de-escalation and enhancing response time. In collaboration with the esteemed
United Nations Development Program (UNDP), BBYDI’s Conflict Report utilises the
innovative Early Warning Early Response (EWER) model to track and report
conflict-related incidents to relevant authorities. This system ensures security
agents are promptly notified and deployed to maintain public peace and protect
lives and property. By gathering insights from comprehensive data profiling,
Conflict Report monitors conflict-prone areas and identifies events that have the
potential to escalate tensions. The initiative also conducts awareness programs and
engages with key stakeholders, including youth leaders, traditional and religious
figures, and local security outfits, fostering intelligence gathering, communal
consciousness, and peacemaking.

Loval womwn at EVIT

Visit the EVIT website here to witness its impact firsthand