Teens Speak Out 7.0 Academic Competition is Live

The Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented. It threw the nation into distress and altered our normal lives. Our health sector was strained and exposed. At the forefront of the pandemic, health workers risked their lives and safety to cater for the victims. The pandemic unmasked the crippling situation of the health sector: the dilapidated facilities, inadequate safety compensation and kits, the down payment of health workers, and the inefficiency of our government towards health management. Indeed, […]

Global Day of Parents; Parents must train their boys to respect girls – BBYDI

Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative organized a youth summit to commemorate the UN 75 and Global Week of action. The event, with the theme ”The Future We Want, The UN We Need”, hosted seasoned speakers and SDGs experts across different developmental sectors in the world. As the world begins to rebuild in the post-COVID-19 era, some pressing issues have been highlighted as the core focus of the process. These issues revolve around gender equality, education, […]

World Literacy Day

The year 2020 has indeed brought its share of mass disruption and unforeseen discontinuation in Education and literacy rates. This year’s Literacy day centers on ” Literacy teaching and Learning in the Covid-19 crisis and beyond”. The pandemic has opened major loopholes in the learning system, programs, and unreadiness of individuals and groups to manage critical situations. Around the world, learning was bought to an unprecedented halt as schools were closed and academic calendar interrupted, […]

#IYD20BBYDI: Our Deepest Appreciation

We would like to sincerely thank everyone for making our youth day event a huge and remarkable success. Our delegates who engaged us in the #IYD20 celebration. And particularly our speakers for sparing quality time to share with our youths. We also apologize to those who couldn’t join us. It was largely because our event was oversubscribed. However, as a worthy alternative, you can still watch the live recording of the event on our Facebook […]

BBYDI to host 5th annual International Youth Day summit

“…Lumumba, Bolaji Abdullahi to speak on youth engagement, global sustainable development.” Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI), an international and leading youth-led non-profit, announced its annual International Youth Day (IYD20), which is its seventh edition, will be held on Wednesday, August 12, 2020. The event is organized to celebrate the annual global day dedicated to youths from across the world. It also seeks to drive conversations and actions to catalyze change, inclusion, growth, and promotion for […]

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