Brain Builders Youth Development Partners Rising Child Foundation on VAPP Project in Kwara, Niger and Osun

Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative, a not-for-profit organization based in Kwara state with representatives in various states, has cemented a relationship with Rising Youth Development (RCF) on mass sensitization regarding the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act in Kwara, Niger and Osun states.

BBYDI, as a civil society, has led a series of research on women’s empowerment, gender and governance, rural livelihood and feminist movements in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. In the global arena, the organization has been engaged by reputable international organizations like Project Everyone (UK), Bill and Melinda Gates Funded CIVICUS Project in South Africa, KTN Global Alliance, Africa Uk, Restless Development UK, AfriLabs, Nigeria, Women IN Fintech, Netherlands and National Training Academy, Egypt.

Over the years, BBYDI has built a reputation as an NGO at the forefront of demanding the formulation of youth-oriented policies through a series of advocacies and partnerships with other civil societies. The methodology it used is a data-driven analysis to seek transparency and accountability from the government.

Meanwhile, its partner organization, Rising Child Foundation (RCF), is a youth-led non-profit that thrives on the numbers and expertise of its volunteers to promote education and empowerment, ensuring that all children have an equal opportunity to attend school, learn, and develop the skills they need to thrive.

Through partnerships and collaborations, the organization is consistently increasing the salience of education and empowerment for the most vulnerable groups in Nigeria.

In fact, RCF’s mission is to provide multi-sectoral interventions toward the education and empowerment of children, most especially girls. The RCF team works toward empowering these groups through Capacity Building, Skills Development, Information Dissemination, Advocacy, and Cross-Cutting Community Service Projects.

However, the two organizations joined hands together to advocate for the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act across three states in Nigeria; Kwara, Niger and Osun.

The overall objective of the project is to ensure that the protection of women and girls is guaranteed in Nigeria through the domestication of laws, advocacy, and capacity building.

To achieve the above objective, the organizations have outlined, amongst many others, the following activities;

•Increase advocacy on the effective implementation and enforcement of the VAPP Act.
•Passage/domestication of the VAPP Act in selected states.
•Increase citizens’ awareness of discriminatory laws and practices against women and the provisions of the VAPP Act towards combating sexual and gender-based violence.
•Advocacy Visits to Stakeholders and Media: Production of a Policy Brief on the Passage and Implementation of the VAPP Act in Nigeria
•Production of a Policy Brief on the Passage and Implementation of the VAPP Act in Nigeria
•Legislative Retreat on the Passage of the VAPP Act
•Production of Compendium of Discriminatory Laws and Practices against women in Nigeria.

With the partnership, the project seeks to build community capacity to promote women’s rights. It would raise the awareness among religious and traditional leaders, community-based organizations, interest groups, and other community members of the need to improve women’s situations in keeping with the principles laid out in the VAPP Act 2015.

While the project further proposes to combat gender-based violence while strengthening women working in the health sector by implementing the VAPP Act, other existing legislation, and policy frameworks in selected states, it would also facilitate discussions between civil society and state institutions, about the best initiatives to domesticate the VAPP act to sustain efforts to address gender-based violence, gender inequality, and human rights abuse.

For its implementation, the project will target Kwara and Osun states as the major participating states. While the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act has been signed into law in various states, the Act’s implementation remains ineffective, so the project intervention aims to strengthen the domestication of the VAPP in the states.

Brain Builders Youth Development Partners Rising Child Foundation on VAPP Project in Kwara, Niger and Osun

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