BBYDI Partners GCE on Youth and Student Covid-19 Reserach

The impact of the COVID-19 young people has been devastating. Since the pandemic, many young people have been unemployed, with its effects felt worse in low-income countries. According to the International Labour Organization, 255 million full-time jobs were lost globally due to the pandemic.

Despite efforts to transition to online learning in education, 65% of young learned less during the pandemic. In lower-income countries like Nigeria, where there is a deep infrastructural deficit, less access to the internet, lack
of equipment, etc., the situation is worse.

The damage caused by the pandemic, particularly on young people, requires urgent attention. Before the pandemic, 267 million young people were not in employment, education, and training. However, as a result of the
pandemic, over 1 billion students’ learning was affected globally.

At 1.8 billion, this generation of young people is the largest number of young people in the history of the world. Hence, their well-being must not be left to chance.

Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative in partnership with Global Campaign for Education is running a survey to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people’s education and work in Nigeria.

The objective is to analyze results and identify core areas that policymakers can focus on cushioning the effect of the pandemic.

BBYDI Partners GCE on Youth and Student Covid-19 Reserach

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