World Literacy Day

The year 2020 has indeed brought its share of mass disruption and unforeseen discontinuation in Education and literacy rates. This year’s Literacy day centers on ” Literacy teaching and Learning in the Covid-19 crisis and beyond”. The pandemic has opened major loopholes in the learning system, programs, and unreadiness of individuals and groups to manage critical situations.
Around the world, learning was bought to an unprecedented halt as schools were closed and academic calendar interrupted, due to the coronavirus. Until virtual means of learning started to be implemented massively to keep students busy and in tune with their curriculum. However,  this doesn’t effectively curtail the effects as the less fortunate folks are at more disadvantage with little information and awareness about the crisis and no access to alternative opportunities to continue their education.
Educators faced challenges in delivering lessons as the system did not prepare them for such changes. Hence, teachers require exclusive, ongoing, and digital inclination training to develop and rebrand effectively their teaching skills and ability to manage situations to ensure continuous education. Right infrastructures and facilities should be set in place with worthy compensation for their unwavering effort to ensure students remain in the class.
The world cannot deny the importance of technology in providing quality and equal access education for all especially during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond. Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative hereby urges all stakeholders and policymakers to come on board and make necessary corrections to prepare us for future challenges.
World Literacy Day

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