Teens Speak Out 7.0 Academic Competition is Live

The Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented. It threw the nation into distress and altered our normal lives. Our health sector was strained and exposed. At the forefront of the pandemic, health workers risked their lives and safety to cater for the victims.

The pandemic unmasked the crippling situation of the health sector: the dilapidated facilities, inadequate safety compensation and kits, the down payment of health workers, and the inefficiency of our government towards health management.

Indeed, the nation has come a long way. At the 60th anniversary of our dear nation, isn’t it questionable as to how our national development is this stunted? Crucially, health is life, hence the need for the government’s accountability and investment in healthcare.

The pandemic provides another opportunity to reassess the state of our nation. This is why Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative is calling on young secondary school students to participate and contribute their thoughts and ideas on public health rejuvenation and national development in its annual event, Teens Speak Out.

This event which is geared towards promoting gainful inclusiveness in the education of teenagers would be held virtually this year. Participants from schools across the country would submit essays on the theme “Let the teenagers contribute to National Development” and the topic “Independence Anniversary and The Reality of Public Health System: An Analysis of Nigeria Amidst Covid-19”.

This year’s event promises to be exciting and insightful and we look forward to being enlightened!

Teens Speak Out 7.0 Academic Competition is Live

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