Policy statement on Post-Covid19 in Kwara

Ilorin, Kwara State – In commemoration of the Global Week of Action and the 75th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, we contribute to the multilateral strategies for the UN Decade of Action and engage local and critical stakeholders across diverse development sectors — geared towards accelerating the realization of the 2030 UN SDGs in Nigeria and fostering effective and inclusive policymaking. As we celebrate the United Nations at 75, BBYDI examined viable solutions to challenges facing Nigeria in its efforts to localize, implement, and achieve the SDGs by 2030. This is necessary as the country races against time. These challenges include mismanagement of resources, lack of transparency and accountability, corruption, lack of database, ethnicity, and insecurity.

Mr Abideen Olasupo, the Executive Director at BBYDI noted that “in collaborating for the attainment of the goals, actions must match words. State governments should have SDGs Implementation Plan(s) and the Academic institutions should start writing SDGs Articles, SDGs would be localized if this happens”. Our research showed that Nigeria’s population is set to increase by 60 million by 2030, which requires that Nigeria spend 7.7 per cent point of her GDP on Education and a whopping US$49Billion and US$100Billion on electricity and road networks respectively – if Nigeria is to achieve SDGs by 2030.

Commenting on a UNIDO 2012 research which categorically stated that 17 million MSMEs provided 31 million jobs for Nigerians, Mr Abdulquddus Olayinka Oniye said: “I strongly believe that if the potentials in entrepreneurship are well harnessed, it will fast track the achievement of the SDGs”. We, therefore, urge

  • The youth to work together.
  • The private sectors to start funding SDGs projects.
  • The Development, implementation, and control policies of pollution, environmental, and solid wastes.
  • The Creation and integration of Nigeria to a  smart economy lead by ICT.


Nigeria is in a race against time to achieve sustainable development with many impediments in its way, Nigeria needs all the help it can get – from local and international sphere. Fight for and with Nigeria, stand for Nigeria and make the world a better place because sustainable development is for everyone and no one should be left out.

Brain Builders Youth Development Initiatives (BBYDI) is a reputable non-profit making Organization working actively around engendering Good Governance, Localising the SDGs, Youth Empowerment, and Development.

Policy statement on Post-Covid19 in Kwara

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